December 9, 2013

You may not have realized it, but Saturday, December 7, was the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which got our country involved in World War II.  Read this article and get a signed slip from your parents saying you did for a $50 bonus tomorrow!  🙂

Also, check out pictures of our magnet races today!

1) Homework Project: Choose your Week 11 Homework project.  If you were missing Week 10, please click here for it!
2) READ & log your days read on the Ken Garff program. ($20 bonus!)  
3) Spelling: Study at home
4) Missing Work!  Make sure you stay on top of that!
5) Vocabulary: Study at home.  See learning plan if you don’t know them (under Helpful Parent Links)
6) Finish your short story at home if you haven’t finished it yet on Google Drive!

Upcoming Events
*Dec. 13: Midterm Progress Reports going home!
*Dec. 20: Class Christmas Party
*Dec. 23-Jan. 3: Christmas Break!


November 20, 2013

We had a blast with our Wax Museum today, and the students did a fantastic job as they presented their interviews on how professionals use and manage their resources!  Thanks for all the efforts!  See pictures below!

1) Homework ProjectWeek 9 Homework project–it is your WAX MUSEUM project, and then a reflection in your journal!  Please be sure to check the interview guidelines on the link!
2) READ & log your days read on the Ken Garff program. ($20 bonus!)  
3) Spelling: Study at home!
4) Vocabulary: Study at home!
5) Wax Museum: Remember to send a thank you note!
6) Missing Work!  Make sure you stay on top of that!

Upcoming Events
*Nov. 22: Boxtop Dress-down
*Nov. 22: Tech Party
*Nov. 22: Providence Hall Holiday Boutique, at the Jr. High, 5-10 pm (Also on Saturday from 9-noon)
*Nov. 26: 1:45 early release
*Nov. 27-29: Thanksgiving Break!
*Nov. 30: Bring in pajamas for the Scholastic Pajama Drive (see letter), and clothing for Ms. Harrawood’s class drive by this date!

October 10, 2013

Way to go everyone–we got missing work down from about 17 kids down to only 5 today!!  Thank you very much!  Please remember as we move forward and grow in responsibility to turn in all assignments on time, and to put your name/number!
Check out pictures from BizTown, Congress, and art below!  🙂

1) Homework Project: Finish your homework project & turn in journal!  Week 5 Choices.
2) READ & log your days read on the Ken Garff program. ($20 bonus!) 
3) Blogging: It’s BroadMeadow School’s Quadblogging highlight week!  Be sure to visit and leave meaningful comments!
4) Missing work: get it taken care of!
5) Spelling: Study it every day!

Upcoming Events
*Oct. 14: Picture Day!
*Oct. 16-18: Fall Break, no school!
*Oct. 22: Boxtops due!
*Oct. 25: Scarecrow Scramble.  Boxtop Dressdown!
*Week of Oct. 28: Red Ribbon Week
*Oct 31: Halloween parade at 9 am.  Halloween party at 12:45pm!
*Oct. 31: End of Term 1!  All pizza reading books for term 1 must be completed by this day!
*Nov 1: Informational Text Publishing Party!
*Nov. 3-5: Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences

October 2, 2013

We had our own sessions of Congress today!  Check out pictures below of Senate & the House of Representatives in action, debating and voting on bills to pass into laws!
Check out this video on the Bill to Law process:

Remember Green Ribbon, Pedestrian Safety Week:
Thursday: Wear green socks, green shirts, and dress code pants
Friday: Walk to school day!

1) Homework Project: Choose your next homework project! Click here Week 4’s choices!
2) READ & log your days read on the Ken Garff program. ($20 bonus!) 
3) Blogging: It’s the Yew Chung International School’s Quadblogging highlight week!  Be sure to visit and leave meaningful comments!
4) Missing work: get it taken care of!
5) Spelling: Study it every day!
6) BizTown Permission Slip: Get those turned back in asap!!  Remember the $10 shirt order if you want it!
7) Art Donations: We will be doing a fun art Fall project this Friday, but we are in need of 3 things: large brown paper grocery bags, wax paper & old cheese graters (they will get crayon all over them, so don’t send in your good ones–just ones you maybe find at the Thrift or Dollar Store!)

Upcoming Events
*Oct. 8: Biztown field trip!  To volunteer as a chaperone, click here(keeping in mind you will need a background check).  To volunteer for our the Job Fair on Sep. 20, click here!
*Oct. 14: Picture Day!
*Oct. 16-18: Fall Break, no school!
*Oct. 31: End of Term 1!  All pizza reading books for term 1 must be completed by this day!

August 28, 2013

As today is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech, “I Have A Dream,” we discussed that at school.  Check out this clip of it below:

Also, we completed our writing benchmark today, which was very simple: to write to persuade/convince me or parents about something.  Parents, some of your students have designed quite the debate for their issue–be sure to ask them what they wrote about!
Additionally, our first Scholastic Book Orders went home today!  Please see the button on the right side of our blog for online book ordering, which earns more points for our class to buy free books than paper ordering!
Finally, in 5th grade, we work in collaborative teams.  A LOT!  So today, we did some teambuilding called Square Balance.  Check out pictures below of students learning to communicate, cooperate, and work as a team!

1) READ for 20 minutes, & start choosing books for our PIZZA READING program!  Remember that for chapter books, they should be on your level, never-before-read, and at least 500 pages TOTAL (you could have one 500 p. book, or two 250 p. books, etc.).  Then, bring the book to class for a BOOK TALK!  Click here for a great book talk example on Inkheart.
2) If you turned in your application today, your job interview will be TOMORROW!  You may dress professionally if you’d like (tie, skirt, nice pants, etc.), or just wear regular dress code!

Upcoming Events
*Sep. 2: No School ~ Labor Day
*Sep. 12: Parent Night for 4th & 5th grade, 5:30-7:00 pm
*Sep. 24: Elementary Room Parent Social, 3:30
*Sep. 27: Progress Reports go home (mid term!)

Thank You & Good Luck!

I’m so glad that you’ve continued to enjoy our classroom blog throughout the summer–the blog statistics tell me that many of you still do!  Thanks for visiting!  I hope you always feel free to come back and visit–both the blog and ME in person!  🙂  While you still have a couple of lovely weeks of summer, I go back to school next week, so I’d like to publish my last summer post now. 
I’m sure many of you are SO excited, nervous, and a lot of other emotions about starting Jr. High–I know I sure was!  I just want to remind you of a few pieces of advice we discussed last year, most of which are from my favorite researcher, Brene Brown:
*Remember that cool is an “emotional straightjacket,” and that it takes way more courage to be yourself! (from Brene Brown).
*Remember that you are WAY more than just a number! (remember how we discussed this sad-but-funny comic below?  The left side is so much more important!)
*This is something I recently discovered from reading Brene Brown’s book, Daring Greatly, but it’s along the same lines of our discussions last year:  Remember the difference between fitting in and belonging:
 “Belonging is being accepted for you.  Fitting in is being accepted for being like everyone else.”
“Belonging…doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to be who we are.” 
(Brown, Brene.  Daring Greatly.  New York: Gotham Books, 2012.  Print.) 
*Remember this fantastic quote by Theodore Roosevelt about giving it all you’ve got!×10.pdf

*And don’t forget to exchange this expression whenever your teachers say to find a partner!  🙂

Good luck, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Back from Florida!

Lizzie and I just returned from a family reunion in Florida!  Unfortunately, Case was stuck at home, studying for the Bar, but at least he had Cholo for company.  I hope you’re all continuing to thoroughly enjoy your summer!  Here are a few pictures from our escapades and a funny example of why punctuation is important, similar to our “Let’s eat, Grandpa!” example last year! (pay close attention to the underlined sentences):

Dot Com: Hey Trey, we just picked up your birthday party invitations from the printer.
Tracy Jordan: Wait, what is this? “Give to charity, please. No presents.” Dot Com: Yeah, that’s what you told me to put on the card.
Tracy Jordan: No, Dot Com. I said, “Give to charity? Please no. Presents!”
(Kevin Brown and Tracy Morgan in 30 Rock, Jan. 26, 2012)