Mastering the Media post

In his poem, “A Prayer for the 21st Century,” John Mardsen ends with the following lines:

May those who live in the shadows
Be seen by those in the sun.

This is an issue to which I’ve given much thought. I feel that as an American, I live in the sun each and every day. I can vote in every election; I chose the man I married; I practice my religion according to my beliefs; I live in a warm home with plenty to eat; I have access to vaccines to prevent illness and I can see a doctor when I’m sick; I raise my daughter with confidence that she, too, will grow to possess all these blessings. My heart overflows with gratitude to all those who have worked throughout history to ensure we enjoy these comforts today.

Like Mardsen, I fear that often, we become so comfortable, bathing each day in the sunshine of our blessings, that we are blind to “those who live in the shadows.” The things we take for granted range from a glass of clean water (, to getting to school or work safely (, to so much more.

There are many options available to help those in the shadows. However, if our awareness of the world reaches only to the edges of our comfortable lives, action will be limited. I believe we can use the freedoms and privileges we are given to make a difference in allowing more people to feel the warmth and light of the sun.

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