Think Central

Our main math program is called Math Expressions. In 5th grade, students have a class workbook in which we will do lessons most days at school. Students also take home a math homework book, from which they have homework every day, Monday-Thursday. Below are instructions on how to access pages from both books online on a website called Think Central.

1) Go to

2) Select “Utah”, “State Operated School”, “Providence Hall CS, Herriman”

3) Put in your username and password:

**Username is the first 3 letters of the first name and first 3 letters of the last name, i.e. Mary Wade = marwad

**Password: PHC123 or phc123

4) From there, click math–Math Expressions Common Core (our math program–and “My Library” and access:

*Activity Book: this is the class workbook if you would like to know what is being taught. If you’d like the homework:

  1. Click the little Book icon for the Table of Contents.  Select the unit & lesson you are looking for (4-1 = Unit 4, lesson 1)
  2. Click the little Link icon for the Resources.  You’ll see on the drop-down menu a link for the Homework side and the Remembering side!  You’ll need both!

*The “itools” has some great digital activities for students to practice the concepts as well! 

*MegaMath also has some fun resources for extra practice.

Please contact me if you have any questions!!


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