Policies & Curriculum

Fifth grade is an exciting year at Providence Hall!  As the oldest in the school, students will have opportunities they’ve never before experienced!  They will also encounter greater academic challenge than they have seen, particularly as they prepare for Junior High next year!  The 5th grade adventure includes:

*Science curriculum on magnets, electricity, heredity, matter, and Earth’s surface (Click here for the full curriculum & Click here for fun links to explore on those subjects!)
*Math curriculum on fractions, place value, volume, and more! (Click here for the curriculum! & Click here for fun links to explore math!)
*Reading and Writing Workshops to take literacy to a new level (Click here for the curriculum! & Click here for fun links to explore grade level language arts!)
*Music, art, drama, field trips (BizTown is a favorite), and so much more!
Homework Policy
Fifth grade is the year to really become responsible and independent by turning in homework consistently and on time! I carefully select homework so students can grow academically.  Homework gives students the chance to practice what they have learned at school and it enables me to assess their level of understanding. The Providence Hall homework policy for upper grades is that if an assignment is turned in a week or more late, the student will receive a grade of 50%. For math, all assignments should be turned in by the test date.  I require all assignments to be turned in regardless how late. It is the students’ responsibility to record all homework daily in their planners. Spelling and vocabulary words are given out on Mondays to be tested Fridays. Furthermore, students will have math homework and 20 minutes of reading each day.
Reading Log/Learning Plan
Students are required to read 20 minutes minimum each night. Inside student planners, there is a space to record minutes read every day, and it will need to be signed every day and handed in on Monday morning. A parent signature is required, so please help your child remember to put it in his/her backpack signed.  

  • 5 days of reading = 5/5 points in SIS + 1 Ken Garff ticket (to win a bike, iPod shuffle, or scooter)
  • 7 days of reading = 7/5 points on SIS + 2 Ken Garff tickets
  • less than five: i.e. 3/5 days signed of reading = 3/5 points in SIS & 0 Ken Garff tickets
  • NO days signed = lunch detention each day until the planner is signed.
The weekly learning plan will updated on a Google Document every week to explain what students will
cover that week.  Click here to access it.
Scholastic Book Club
We will be part of the Scholastic Book Club, so you will have the option to purchase books at a lower
cost and help our class earn free books. If you choose to purchase books, all the books and payment options will be available online.  You will need to register online at scholastic.com, click on parents, then book club orders. Our class activation code is GNZNP.

Discipline Plan
I believe the responsibility of a successful learning environment belongs to the entire class. I will do my part by being prepared with activ
e, engaging lessons, by providing positive reinforcement, and by treating others with respect at all times. I expect students to do their part by participating in classroom discussions and assignments, by following classroom procedures, and by treating others with respect at all times.  

To help students take responsibility in caring for our classroom as well as to better understand positive and negative consequences, we will create a classroom economy. This will be explained to the students throughout the first week of school.  When a student exemplifies outstanding behavior, a “bonus” will be given to the student. If a student misbehaves, a “fine” will be given to the student.

Providence Hall participates in a school-wide discipline plan that focuses on Love and Logic.  Please refer to the student handbook for further details.

Providence Hall policy on birthdays is as follows: “Treats and favors for children’s birthdays are not permitted. This has been established due to the disruption they cause in the classroom, the objection of parents, children’s dietetic needs, and/or family financial limitations. This will eliminate any undue pressure or expectations that may be put on the teacher, student or family as a result. Providence Hall does however, feel that it is important to acknowledge each child’s birthday. Teachers are encouraged to acknowledge a student’s birthday within their classroom without treats.”  Furthermore, please do not pass out invitations at school. 
For further Providence Hall policies, please click here!
I am always open for comments, questions, and concerns!  I am most easily available by email!

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