Pizza Reading Program

*There are 9 genres in our program, and students must read 1 book from each of the genres EACH QUARTER (you can’t count 1 book for 2 genres):
1) Free Choice
2) Adventure
3) Biography/Autobiography
4) Poetry
5) Historical Fiction
6) Realistic Fiction
7) Informational Text/Non-fiction
8) Fantasy/Science Fiction
9) Mystery
*The requirement for CHAPTER BOOKS READ is 500 pages read per quarter (books they have never read before and that are on their level).  This means that if they read just one chapter book over 500 pages, that’s fine, or if they read 4 chapter books totaling 500 pages altogether, that’s also fine.  The remaining genre requirements can be met through picture books!
*After they’ve read a book, they should bring it to school to do a book talk (which is just a short explanation–we will discuss more in class), and then they get a TOPPING on their paper pizza crust in class!  There is a different topping for each genre.
*If students have read from all 9 genres by the end of the quarter, they will get to participate in a PIZZA PARTY!!

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