About Me

My name is Mary Wade.  Although I was born in Anaheim, California, my family moved when I was 13 to Idaho.  I now claim Idaho as my hometown, but Disneyland will always have a special place in my heart.  I came to Utah to attend BYU (go Cougars!), and I’m happy to say that I am here to stay.  Utah is perfect for my outdoor interests, which
include rock climbing, skiing, and hiking.  I also love to play soccer, watch sports and movies, read, and spend every minute I can with my wonderful family! 

I met my husband, Case, at BYU and we have a beautiful daughter named Elizabeth (you might get sick of all my Lizzie stories by the end of the year)!  🙂  I graduated from BYU in in Elementary Education, and I began my teaching career at Providence Hall in the fall of 2010.  Some of the things that make me love Providence Hall include the tremendous teacher collaboration, the inquiry-based structure, and the drive to continually foster quality learning. 

I became a teacher because I wanted a job that would make me excited to wake up each morning; what better office is there than a classroom full of exploration and learning?  I have also had many incredible teachers who made genuine, lasting differences in
my life, and I want to pass along that kind of service.


Contact Info

I am most easily accessible by email:  mwade{at}providencehall{dot}com (please be sure to type in the correct @ symbol and period for the .com–it’s spelled out to avoid robot spammers!)

Phone: 801-432-7866
ex. 2030


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