April 1, 2014

Hi, friends!  Although I can’t be there with you in person as you develop your Exhibition projects, I am so excited that I still get to watch your progress through your blog posts (and through the few of you I’ve seen while mentoring for some groups over Skype)!  What makes me most proud is to watch you apply SO many skills you’ve gained throughout your elementary school years into projects that you are passionate about (and that are meaningful for our communities as well)!  I see you:

*Communicating with classmates, teachers, and even adults around the community

*Managing your time

*Asking deep questions, and then more questions based on your answers

*Using your best writing skills as you write reflections and donation letters

*Figuring out solutions to your problems

*Much More!!

Can’t wait for the Exhibition presentation night next week–I’ll have to see if we can arrange some sort of Skyping so I can celebrate and participate with you all!  


*Click here for a folder with all the homework projects! The fifth grade teachers always add new ones to this folder. Remember to reflect daily, work neatly, and follow all instructions (and that you can always blog your project, but you must submit it by the due date with a tag of “homework”).
*Read for 20 minutes every day and enter into rtsutah.com!
*Study Spelling at home every day (spellingcity.com rocks!), and vocab!
*Missing Work!

Upcoming Events

*Apr. 2: Girls’ Maturation, 7 pm

*Apr. 3: Boys’ Maturation, 7 pm
*Apr. 4: Report Cards go home
*Apr. 9: Reading Fun Night
*Apr. 14-18: Spring Break
*Apr. 22: Boxtops due
*Apr. 25: Boxtop Dress down
*May 23 & 26: No School–Memorial Day weekend
*May 27: Boxtops due
*May 29: PH Spring Carnival
*May 30: Boxtop Dress down
*Jun. 5: Field Day
*Jun. 6: Last day of school; 12:00 dismissal

“Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.”
~Aldous Huxley


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