February 6, 2014

Thank you for checking the blog!  Students, please remember to remind your parents about class store donations and the upcoming Valentine’s Day Party Sign-Up sheet (see link in upcoming events, and/or have them check their email!)  Thanks!

1) Week 16 homework project due tomorrow!  Reminders:
-Follow all instructions
-Write neatly (or type on Kidblog–just make sure the entire project is in one post, the title is Homework Project Week __, and the tag is homework!  Publish by Friday before school!)
-Reflect on your progress in your project every single day!  (Ideas: Why did you choose it?  What was difficult/hard/interesting that day?  How did you enjoy the project?  Why?)
-You may blog your entry–just make sure you submit it before school on Friday, and that it has a title, tag (homework), and clearly described work for Day 1, 2, 3, & 4.
2) READ & log your days read on the Ken Garff program. ($20 bonus!)  
3) Spelling: Study at home
4) Vocabulary: Study at home!  You can access the words on our weekly learning plans, under “Helpful Parent Links!”
5) Missing Work! Stay on top of that this Term!

Upcoming Events
*February 14: Valentine’s Day Party!  If you choose to bring valentines for the class, please be sure to bring one for everyone!  See the list of student blogs for everyone’s names!  🙂
*Feb. 17: No School~President’s Day
*Feb. 21: Grandparent’s Day
*Mar. 3: DWA (Direct Writing Assessment)
*Mar. 3-6: Parent Teacher Conferences
*Mar. 3-6: Scholastic Book Fair
*Mar. 6: Early release, 1:45
*Mar. 7: No School!
*Mar. 14: Daddy Donuts, 7:30 am
*Mar. 28: End of Term 3
*Apr. 4: Report Cards go home
*Apr. 14-18: Spring Break

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