February 4, 2014

We expanded our thinking about “Who We Are” to include all living organisms today, including plants and animals!  Great work in discovering that all living organisms inherit similar traits to their parents–even if that includes an interesting life cycle that causes them to not resemble parents at birth!
We also expanded on human inherited traits, thinking about the characteristics we’ve inherited inside our bodies, watching a couple videos that help show just how incredible the human body is!  The first is from an astrophysicist discussing the basic ingredients of everything–including human beings!  The second is an animation of what it looks like inside just 1 human cell–and we have billions of them with tons of different jobs as they make up our bodies!  Just sayin’–I think you are going to LOVE biology/physical science in upper grades!  🙂
1) Week 16 homework project!  Reminders:
-Follow all instructions
-Write neatly (or type on Kidblog–just make sure the entire project is in one post, the title is Homework Project Week __, and the tag is homework!  Publish by Friday before school!)
-Reflect on your progress in your project every single day!  (Ideas: Why did you choose it?  What was difficult/hard/interesting that day?  How did you enjoy the project?  Why?)
2) READ & log your days read on the Ken Garff program. ($20 bonus!)  
3) Spelling: Study at home
4) Vocabulary: Study at home!  You can access the words on our weekly learning plans, under “Helpful Parent Links!”
5) Missing Work! Stay on top of that this Term!
Upcoming Events
*February 14: Valentine’s Day Party!  If you choose to bring valentines for the class, please be sure to bring one for everyone!  See the list of student blogs for everyone’s names!  🙂
*Feb. 17: No School~President’s Day
*Feb. 21: Grandparent’s Day
*Mar. 3: DWA (Direct Writing Assessment)
*Mar. 3-6: Parent Teacher Conferences
*Mar. 3-6: Scholastic Book Fair
*Mar. 6: Early release, 1:45
*Mar. 7: No School!
*Mar. 14: Daddy Donuts, 7:30 am
*Mar. 28: End of Term 3
*Apr. 4: Report Cards go home
*Apr. 14-18: Spring Break



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