December 18, 2013

Wow!  I am so impressed at how well everyone has understood electricity through experimenting and inquiry this week, including circuits, insulators vs. conductors, and switches!  
Check out some of these electricity activities:
*Interactive Activity: Explore lightning!

Remember that for our Sing-Along tomorrow, you may wear Christmas-y dress down!  🙂
Also, tomorrow will be our Publishing Party!  Be sure to work on your Storybird at home a bit if needed (we will have 1 hour in class to finish working before the party).

1) Work on your week 12 project!  I hope you’re enjoying your festive options!  🙂
2) READ & log your days read on the Ken Garff program. ($20 bonus!)  
3) Spelling: Study at home
4) Missing Work!
5) Storybird: You will have 1 hour before our publishing party tomorrow to finalize your story!  If you know you are still a ways off, please work on your Storybird at home!  

Upcoming Events
*Dec. 19: Sing Along/Dress Down for Christmas (Christmas hats welcome!)  🙂
*Dec. 20: Class Christmas Party.  Click here to sign-up for volunteering or donations!
*Dec. 20: Boxtop Dress-Down & Hawaiian Day to celebrate Gold Medal Mile Achievement!  You may dress down in Hawaiian clothing even if you don’t have boxtop dress-down.  If you earned Boxtop dress-down, you can wear any dress down clothing
*Dec. 23-Jan. 3: Christmas Break!
*Jan. 17: No school (Teacher Professional Development)
*Jan. 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School
*Jan. 23: End of Term 2
*Jan. 24: Family Movie Night
*Jan. 31: Report Cards go home


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