October 21, 2013

As we move forward in our new IB unit, Sharing the Planet, the students started thinking about our first line of inquiry: “Change is the natural result of the process of time.”  They imagined and drew pictures of how they feel their lives and the world will change in 5, 10, 20, 50 years, and then what things would be like in the year 3013!  There was some pretty awesome thinking today!

1) Homework Project: Week 6 homework project due Friday the 25th!
2) READ & log your days read on the Ken Garff program. ($20 bonus!) 
3) Spelling: Study every day!
4) MISSING WORK!  Please close the “rift,” especially with our reading and writing workshop assignments.  In case you have a few of those on your list, here are the assignments:
ResearchBe sure to fill out your research notes as you finish!
Ideas, People, & Events Graphic Organizer: Fill out this graphic or
Relationship among Ideas, People, & Events: Write a paragraph describing the relationship between 2 or more ideas, people or events.  Then explain why that relationship is so important for your focus question/research
Context Clues in Research: Look at one of your sources, find a tricky word, and write it down.  Then write down which context clue strategy you used to figure out its meaning (Synonym, antonym, explanation, example, word within word, graphic aids on page, read sentences before and after, Use glossary/dictionary/online tool)
4 Introduction Ideas: Try out each of the 4 introduction types for your topic (Generalization–“Everyone knows…”; Question–“Did you know…”; What If/If–“What if we all…”; Quotation–“One expert said…”)
*Blogging Extras/Missing work
*“3 Branches of Government”:  Write about the 3 branches of government!  Tag: social studies
*“How We Organize Ourselves Assessment”:  Write about how we are wrapping up our How We Organize Ourselves IB unit, and that you are demonstrating your understanding of the central idea, “Order drives the systems of our world.”  Include your demonstration.  Tag: ib

Upcoming Events
*Oct. 22: Boxtops due!
*Oct. 25: Scarecrow Scramble.  Boxtop Dress-down!
*Week of Oct. 28: Red Ribbon Week
*Oct 31: Halloween parade at 9 am.  Halloween party at 12:45pm!  Click here to sign up to volunteer or donate!
*Oct. 31: End of Term 1!  All pizza reading books for term 1 must be completed by this day!
*Nov 1: Informational Text Publishing Party!
*Nov. 3-5: Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences


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