October 11, 2013

WOW!  We had another packed week!  I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and BYU’s game tomorrow!  🙂

1) Homework Project: Start thinking about Week 6 homework project, though it won’t be due until Fri., Oct. 25 due to Fall Break!
2) READ & log your days read on the Ken Garff program. ($20 bonus!) 
3) Spelling: Study every day!
4) Make-up assignments: If you didn’t finish your informational text research in class over the past few weeks, please finish it at home!  Remember to include the main ideas, supporting details, and your thinking for each resource and bring it on Monday!
Also, if you were busy researching and didn’t get a chance to blog this week, here are the assignments:
*“3 Branches of Government”:  Write about the 3 branches of government!  Tag: social studies
*“How We Organize Ourselves Assessment“:  Write about how we are wrapping up our How We Organize Ourselves IB unit, and that you are demonstrating your understanding of the central idea, “Order drives the systems of our world.”  Include your demonstration.  Tag: ib
*”Fall Art”: take a picture of your fall art & write about it.  Tag: art
*BizTown Reflection: Write about what you learned and enjoyed at BizTown!  Tag: field trip

Upcoming Events
*Oct. 14: Picture Day!
*Oct. 16-18: Fall Break, no school!
*Oct. 22: Boxtops due!
*Oct. 25: Scarecrow Scramble.  Boxtop Dress-down!
*Week of Oct. 28: Red Ribbon Week
*Oct 31: Halloween parade at 9 am.  Halloween party at 12:45pm!
*Oct. 31: End of Term 1!  All pizza reading books for term 1 must be completed by this day!
*Nov 1: Informational Text Publishing Party!
*Nov. 3-5: Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences


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