October 4, 2013

Happy Friday!  As we have been learning about the Branches of Government and the process of Bills becoming Laws, it’s interesting that the Government Shutdown has taken place at this time as well.  We discussed it in general today, including the law that our Legislative Branch is debating about (the Affordable Care Act), and which government workers are affected by the shut-down.  One of the homework choices next week is to research what’s happening in our federal branches of government, and this could be a great opportunity to learn more about this historic news event (the last one that happened was 17 years ago).   Here’s a video from Time for Kids on it, too!
Have a wonderful weekend!!  

1) Homework Project: Choose your new project!  Week 5 Choices.  Note: I did not respond in your journals today, so I will give them back on Monday!!  If you work on it over the weekend, just glue your entries into your journal when you get it back on Monday!  Thanks!
2) READ & log your days read on the Ken Garff program. ($20 bonus!) 
3) Blogging: It’s the Yew Chung International School’s Quadblogging highlight week!  Be sure to visit and leave meaningful comments!
4) Missing work: get it taken care of!
5) Spelling: Study it every day!
6) BizTown: Be sure to bring a sack lunch clearly labeled with your name & teacher!  Also, you may still bring $10 with you for a t-shirt while you’re at BizTown!

Upcoming Events
*Oct. 8: Biztown field trip!  To volunteer as a chaperone, click here(keeping in mind you will need a background check).  To volunteer for our the Job Fair on Sep. 20, click here!
*Oct. 14: Picture Day!
*Oct. 16-18: Fall Break, no school!
*Oct. 31: End of Term 1!  All pizza reading books for term 1 must be completed by this day!


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