October 2, 2013

We had our own sessions of Congress today!  Check out pictures below of Senate & the House of Representatives in action, debating and voting on bills to pass into laws!
Check out this video on the Bill to Law process:

Remember Green Ribbon, Pedestrian Safety Week:
Thursday: Wear green socks, green shirts, and dress code pants
Friday: Walk to school day!

1) Homework Project: Choose your next homework project! Click here Week 4’s choices!
2) READ & log your days read on the Ken Garff program. ($20 bonus!) 
3) Blogging: It’s the Yew Chung International School’s Quadblogging highlight week!  Be sure to visit and leave meaningful comments!
4) Missing work: get it taken care of!
5) Spelling: Study it every day!
6) BizTown Permission Slip: Get those turned back in asap!!  Remember the $10 shirt order if you want it!
7) Art Donations: We will be doing a fun art Fall project this Friday, but we are in need of 3 things: large brown paper grocery bags, wax paper & old cheese graters (they will get crayon all over them, so don’t send in your good ones–just ones you maybe find at the Thrift or Dollar Store!)

Upcoming Events
*Oct. 8: Biztown field trip!  To volunteer as a chaperone, click here(keeping in mind you will need a background check).  To volunteer for our the Job Fair on Sep. 20, click here!
*Oct. 14: Picture Day!
*Oct. 16-18: Fall Break, no school!
*Oct. 31: End of Term 1!  All pizza reading books for term 1 must be completed by this day!


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