September 9, 2013

We began grammar today by reviewing subjects & predicates from last year!  A lot of us seem to have forgotten the concept a bit, though, so check out this SchoolHouse Rock video:  🙂

1) Read for 20 minutes
2) Select your first homework project choice, & complete your homework journal on what you do tonight! 
Click here for next week’s choices!  Remember that you must write a homework journal entry on your project’s progress every day, Monday through Thursday, and turn it in on Friday!  Click here for an example of the homework journal.
3) Visit BroadMeadow’s blog in England, and leave comments if you think of something helpful, positive, and specific, or if you have any questions!  It’s their Quadblogging highlight week!  

Upcoming Events
*Sep. 12: Parent Night for 4th & 5th grade, 5:30-7:00 pm
*Sep. 24: Elementary Room Parent Social, 3:30
*Sep. 24: Boxtops due!
*Sep. 27: Progress Reports go home (mid term!)
*Sep. 27: Boxtop dress-down!


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