September 6, 2013

We had an amazing and packed Friday!  Here’s a recap:
*We explored our Scholastic News copies
*We began our new IB Unit, with the central idea, “Order drives the systems of our world.”  The students realized that order is instructions, neatness, and the opposite of craziness.  They also realized it’s found everywhere–from our bodies to our schools to our governments to our homes!  They recognized it’s necessary for order, health, fairness, success, and much more!  It was an incredible discussion!  We also learned about how the Constitution was a document to establish order, and started to learn the Preamble using SchoolHouse Rock:

*I published our Quadblogging links to your right!  Be sure to check out their blogs and schools!  🙂
*We handed out our first homework menu!

1) Read for 20 minutes, & continue our Pizza Reading program!  Remember that for chapter books, they should be on your level, never-before-read, and at least 500 pages TOTAL (you could have one 500 p. book, or two 250 p. books, etc.).  Then, bring the book to class for a BOOK TALK!  Click here for a great book talk example on Inkheart.
2) Select your first homework project choice!  
Remember that you must write a homework journal entry on your project’s progress every day, Monday through Thursday, and turn it in on Friday!  Click here for an example of the homework journal.
3) For all of you who are contributing to our blog conversations with comments, please check out our Birmingham Quadblog school’s tips on leaving good comments!

Upcoming Events
*Sep. 12: Parent Night for 4th & 5th grade, 5:30-7:00 pm
*Sep. 24: Elementary Room Parent Social, 3:30
*Sep. 24: Boxtops due!
*Sep. 27: Progress Reports go home (mid term!)
*Sep. 27: Boxtop dress-down!


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