August 22, 2013

Congratulations on finding our blog today!  🙂  I hope you visit often, both to check the homework/upcoming events, and to use the other resources like games and math practice!  I also post pictures and fun videos as often as possible!

Today, we had a blast interviewing each other, learning about the 5th grade team of teachers, and (re)introducing IB & the Learner Profile traits.  We watched a couple videos, such as the one about Panyee’s first football (soccer) team, and discussed how IB involves being problems solvers and global learners.  (Below is one many of you are also familiar with from last year called Caine’s Arcade).  I’m looking forward to learning and growing together in these areas this year!

1) Please turn in all the papers from Back to School Night (the blue Providence Hall folder) as soon as possible!  I will be sending out parent emails as soon as I have everyone’s!
2) Look over the job descriptions and start brainstorming which jobs you’ll apply for.  Applications will go home on Friday. 
3) READ for 20 minutes!  You don’t need a signature anymore, but it’s extremely important to read every day!  We will also be starting Ken Garff again soon!
4) Bring any other supplies you forgot as soon as possible!  Our class is still in need of 10 socks to use for whiteboard erasing, and 3 erasable pens.  Donations are always very welcome–and thank you so much for all our classroom donations already!!

Upcoming Events
*Sep. 2: No School ~ Labor Day
*Sep. 12: Parent Night for 4th & 5th grade, 5:30-7:00 pm
*Sep. 24: Elementary Room Parent Social, 3:00
*Sep. 27: Progress Reports go home (mid term!)


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