Back from Florida!

Lizzie and I just returned from a family reunion in Florida!  Unfortunately, Case was stuck at home, studying for the Bar, but at least he had Cholo for company.  I hope you’re all continuing to thoroughly enjoy your summer!  Here are a few pictures from our escapades and a funny example of why punctuation is important, similar to our “Let’s eat, Grandpa!” example last year! (pay close attention to the underlined sentences):

Dot Com: Hey Trey, we just picked up your birthday party invitations from the printer.
Tracy Jordan: Wait, what is this? “Give to charity, please. No presents.” Dot Com: Yeah, that’s what you told me to put on the card.
Tracy Jordan: No, Dot Com. I said, “Give to charity? Please no. Presents!”
(Kevin Brown and Tracy Morgan in 30 Rock, Jan. 26, 2012)


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