May 31, 2013

Way to go on earning your extra party on Monday!  Remember, we voted to do a Tech day, so bring any technology to play with for which you have the following requirements covered:
1) You have parent permission to bring it
2) It fits in your backpack
3) You accept the risk of bringing valuables to school (I can lock up things once you’re here if you’d like as well).
Also, remember to bring a snack to share with the class for the party! 
Finally, if you earned the last pizza reading party, it’s on Monday during lunch!  Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Check out some Wordles kids made about their 5th grade journeys below!  (FYI, some were not saved as jpgs, so they couldn’t upload).

1) Read 20 minutes!

Upcoming Events:
*June 3: Reading assembly 1:30-3:00
*June 3: Class party!  Please bring a treat to share with the class, potluck style.
*June 4: Field Day!

*June 5: Awards Assembly, 9:00.  Last day of school! 12:00 early dismissal
*June 15: Photography contest deadline!  Click here for details!

See Wordles:


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