March 28, 2013

Hooray for pajama day!  🙂  Keep earning green tickets through respectful choices throughout the building–remember: 
170 tickets = hat day
200 = dress down day 
250 = popcorn party 
300 = marshmallow war!
For those parents who have wondered how involved being an Exhibition mentor will be, please be assured that you do not need to be an expert, and it would only be about once a week.  Since there will be around 55 groups, the main role of a mentor will be to help your group stay organized!  Please sign up if you can!  We would love to have more parents to be part of this process!  
Volunteer Sign-ups
1) Exhibition/Mentorsshow them the Parent Packet.  Click here to sign up!  Remember, your main role will be to help keep your group organized/on track!
2) BizTown Chaperones: Click here to sign up!
3) BizTown Job Fair: April 10, 12:30-3.  Click here to sign up!

Finally, remember to ask your parents or older siblings who have Facebook accounts to vote for Brooklyn’s older sister’s Zion’s Bank video once a day until March 31st!  Not only will she get a scholarship if she wins, but Providence Hall will earn a money prize as well!  Steps:
2) On the Financialize a Film Student Video Contest link, vote for Brittany Collingridge’s “Zions Spice” video!  

1) Math (11-12: percents): p. 281 all, p. 282 #1-8
2) Read 20 minutes & turn in signed reading log!
3 ) How the World Works Assessment due Friday.  Click here for the rubric!  Remember, you can choose any format–an essay, a skit, a Prezi–but it needs to be neat and informative!

Items of Business: 
*NEW: We are in need of Clorox Disinfectant Wipes!  Thank you so much!

*Class Store: If you have any extra soda, candy, trinkets, jewelry, or toys that you would like to donate to class store, please send it with your child! We would like to do one more often to serve as a motivator for positive behavior!
*Leadership Ropes Course Experience:  a flyer is going home today, but if you’re interested, or have questions, email Mr. White at the Jr. High at  It’s $85 for the week (5th grade is June 17-21).  See the permission slip that went home if you’re interested!

Upcoming Events: 
*March 29: How the World Works Assessment Due!  Pick an invention, research how it has impacted society, and create any presentation to demonstrate your understanding.  (you may do a Prezi, essay, powerpoint, skit, diorama, etc.  Keep it simple, and click here for the rubric!)
*March 29: Dad’s and donuts (from 7:15 to 8, you can read with your child up in our classroom!) & boxtop dress down.  Report cards to go home.
*April 1-5: Spring Break!
*April 15-19: Spirit Week
*April 16: Reading is Fun Night!!  This will be an open-house style night during which you will find out more ways to help make reading more enjoyable for your children!
*April 23: Boxtops due
*April 24: Girls Maturation (7 pm)
*April 25: Boys Maturation (7 pm)
*April 26: Boxtop dress down.  12:30 release!
*NEW: April 30: Library of Poetry Contest–click here to submit your poem (you must have parent permission).  You can submit your poem any time until April 30th, and the grand prize is $500!  You are also entered in random drawings just for entering!  The school with the most entries wins a prize as well!
*May 5-10: Special Education CRT testing
*May 13-17th: CRT testing

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