February 26, 2013

It just hit me that February will be over on Friday!  I just added Spring Break to our “Upcoming Events” below, and I’m absolutely astounded at how quickly the year is passing.  Before you know it, term 3 will be over, and you’ll be on your last term of elementary school!  Keep doing your best work!
P.S. Remember that we’ll be having our publishing party on Thursday–if anyone can donate popcorn (and will you check that it’s gluten free?), that would be fantastic!  Thanks!
P.P.S. Remember that tomorrow is our practice DWA (and the actual DWA for Special Education), so you can bring gum to chew (and/or share) for as long as you type!  🙂

1) Math (8-6/8-7): “Four Quadrant Ordered Pairs” worksheet that went home today, PLUS p. 220 all (from lesson 8-7). Also, redo any low scoring quizzes–the unit test is this week!!  Additionally, you can practice plotting coordinates on a quadrant graph with this  sweet alien game!
2) Read 20 minutes & get it signed–shooting for 100% on Monday!
3) Missing work!
4) No spelling this week!  🙂

Items of Business: 
*Class Store: If you have any extra soda, candy, trinkets, jewelry, or toys that you would like to donate to class store, please send it with your child! We would like to do one more often to serve as a motivator for positive behavior!
*Leadership Ropes Course Experience:  a flyer is going home today, but if you’re interested, or have questions, email Mr. White at the Jr. High at Rwhite@providencehall.com.  It’s $85 for June 10-14 or June 17-21.  

Upcoming Events: 
*February 25-28: Parent Teacher conferences/book fair!  Click here for PTC sign-ups! 
*February 28: Early dismissal: 1:45
*March 1: No school
*March 4: Dr. Seuss Birthday: the cafeteria will be serving green eggs and ham!  🙂  Also, starting March 4, a new Hoagie sandwich line will become available as a lunch choice.  
*March 5: DWA testing!  (Special education DWA with accommodations will be the 27th).  You can bring gum to chew for as long as you type!  🙂  You may practice more on UtahWrite at home if you write down your username/password from class (we will also be doing so in school!)  Also, remember to practice typing games under Games & Practice–>Language Arts!
*March 15: Poetry Contest!!  This is an opportunity to have your poetry actually published!!  They are focusing on haikus this year, but all poetry forms are encouraged!  Click here for information on how haikus are written!
*March 15: Grandparent’s Day!  More info to come!
*March 22: End of Term 3
*March 22nd: Arbor Day poster contest (our school has registered our grade already)!
*March 26: Boxtops due
*March 29: Dad’s and donuts & boxtop dress down.  Report cards to go home.
*April 1-5: Spring Break


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