January 30, 201

We had another packed day as we have explored the process of cause & effect!  Students are bringing home a letter about a project on our last line of inquiry in this IB unit, in which they need to interview a professional about the resources they manage.  Click here to view this letter digitally!  
We are so excited for our field trip tomorrow!  Remember to wear dress code, to bring a sack lunch, and to leave all electronics at home (except a non-phone camera, at your own risk, if you’d like)!

Math resources
 (please practice at home & use these!  This is one of the very toughest units in 5th grade math):
*3 steps in multiplying decimals/big numbers that are multiples of 10:
1) Multiply the regular number first (ignore the 10’s and the decimals; in 3.6 x 20, just do 36 x 2 = 72)
2) Multiply on the tens (in 3.6 x 20, now add on the 0 from the 20 = 720–which is really multiplying it by 10 once, or shifting it to the left 1 place!)
3) Add the decimal (in 3.6 x 20, now add on 1 decimal place found in factors to your product = 72.0).

Homework: (all of this will be due Friday–don’t worry about bringing your backpacks tomorrow due to our field trip–just your lunches)!
1) Math (7-11):  p. 181 all, p. 182  #1-14 evens.  Redo quizzes/tests!
2) Read 20 minutes (and every single day if your reading log grade is a little low to bring that up!)
3) Missing work!!
4) Science Google Earth: (optional–I have also added this link under the Science tab): Just click on the link, download the file to your computer (under the “File” drop-down), and open it in Google Earth at home.  If you don’t already have Google Earth on your computer, it’s free to download, and tons of fun to play on!  🙂

Items of Business: 

*Class Store (coming up this Friday): If you have any extra soda, candy, trinkets, jewelry, or toys that you would like to donate to class store, please send it with your child! We would like to do one more often to serve as a motivator for positive behavior!

*We would always welcome donations of gerbil food for our class pets!

Upcoming Events: 
*Jan. 31: Field trip to the capitol & The Leonardo!  Remember to pack a disposable lunch (paper/plastic bag), clearly labeled with your name!  
*Feb. 4-8: Counselor’s Week!  Hooray for Mrs. Mattingly!
*Feb. 8: Half day (professional development for teachers): 12:30 dismissal!
*Feb. 13: Wax Museum at 1:00 pm in the 5th grade classrooms!  Click here for more information!
*February 14: Valentine’s day party!  Sign-up sheet to be posted, and I will also email a class list so you have everyone’s names!
*February 15: Progress reports sent home
*February 18: No school! President’s Day!
*February 19: Boxtops due
*February 22: Boxtop dress down
*February 25-28: Parent Teacher conferences/book fair!
*February 28: Early dismissal: 1:45
*March 1: No school
*Week of March 4: DWA testing!  You may practice more on UtahWrite at home if you write down your username/password in class (we will also be doing so in school!)
*March 15: Poetry Contest!!  This is an opportunity to have your poetry actually published!!  They are focusing on haikus this year, but all poetry forms are encouraged!  Click here for information on how haikus are written!

*March 22nd: Arbor Day poster contest (our school has registered our grade already)!


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