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In his poem, “A Prayer for the 21st Century,” John Mardsen ends with the following lines:

May those who live in the shadows
Be seen by those in the sun.

This is an issue to which I’ve given much thought. I feel that as an American, I live in the sun each and every day. I can vote in every election; I chose the man I married; I practice my religion according to my beliefs; I live in a warm home with plenty to eat; I have access to vaccines to prevent illness and I can see a doctor when I’m sick; I raise my daughter with confidence that she, too, will grow to possess all these blessings. My heart overflows with gratitude to all those who have worked throughout history to ensure we enjoy these comforts today.

Like Mardsen, I fear that often, we become so comfortable, bathing each day in the sunshine of our blessings, that we are blind to “those who live in the shadows.” The things we take for granted range from a glass of clean water (, to getting to school or work safely (, to so much more.

There are many options available to help those in the shadows. However, if our awareness of the world reaches only to the edges of our comfortable lives, action will be limited. I believe we can use the freedoms and privileges we are given to make a difference in allowing more people to feel the warmth and light of the sun.

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17 thoughts on “Mastering the Media post

  1. Kelsey

    An issue in the world people might have is shelter. I am blessed to have a warm roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. Other people dye from rain or cold because they don't have a nice warm house or shelter. This makes me sad, but if every body pitched in we could save lives.

  2. bella 23
    I feel that kidnapping is wronge becuse kids teenes aduts get hurt and they might not ever have a chance to see your familys ever again.And being in that passition is so scary and heart stopping.This is wronge also becuse you dont know what hit you and you cant do anything about it. Being tourcherd is dreadfull but dieing is just wronge.This is why kiddnaping is terrible and should stop.

  3. Brooklyn: I don't stop and think about that stuff as much as I can tell you do. Maybe we do need to pay more attention to the people “in the shadows.” We have to think about how we don't have as much as them and that we are lucky. I really like the list you made. It tells some of the important things we have and what to not get wrapped up in.

  4. Dear Mrs.Wade,
    this is truly inspiring and you really have opened my're right, we should reach out to those people in the shadows and let them feel the warm streams of the sun!!! Thank you for telling me this and truly inspiring me and other people around us.
    – Michelle

  5. Jaxson

    I feel the same way. I am glad to live in America and have all these great things. I am happy for sports, school, electronics, music, homes and heat. There are some places that do not have any of these things. I am proud to be an American.

  6. i think that what happened the girl in pakistan is horrible. That should not happen and i want to let her go to school. she is now forever scarred and its just because she wanted to go to school. i think that is terrible. Joe

  7. We are fortunate to live in a place that allows us the freedoms that we enjoy every day and take for granted. In the United States we think nothing of our ability to dress as we want or go to school. Others aren't so lucky. For example, the girl in Pakistan. This girl was brutally attacked because of her desire or speaking of her desire to go to school. That is just wrong! School should be a right for all people. Sam

  8. Cheyenne
    I am glad we have freedom in this country. I am glad that we get to go to school every day to learn. I'm glad that we have a warm house to live in. A lot of people don't have homes or a family to live in, but we do. I'm very grateful for that.

  9. Seth
    I agree with you, Mrs. Wade. I'm glad to live in America where we are free. I think that having the right to live where we want and how we want is important. I wouldn't want to be bossed around all day and told what I had to do, what to believe, and what I have to be when I grow up. I feel so lucky to live in America where we can do what we want. Every person should have this right to be free!

  10. Josh

    We are lucky to be Americans and have so many privileges. Clean water plays a big part in our lives and many of us have easy access to it. We can easily take clean water for granted because we have so many ways to get it: the fridge, the store, and water bottles. Sometimes we don’t realize that about 783 million children don’t have access to clean, pure drinking water. Clean drinking water is one of many blessings we have as Americans. John Mardsen's poem can really open our eyes to how our world could be if everyone respected one another and peace and equalness were our main goals.

  11. Emma
    I agree with all of these responses and Mrs. Wade. We are spoiled, and I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to help those in need, but I also can do it without myself needing help after I help others. We are all very blessed to have a family to turn to, chance to be able to go to school without being terrorized, and a chance to help rule this country, well, not to mention MANY other rights and privileges. I believe that if we all can learn, feel for, and help out people in need then we will be be a fascinating world.

  12. Megan:I have been thinking about how lucky I am. To start with, I can choose what I want to do. I also get to go to school everyday. I have been looking at this particular one the most. I have been thinking about people who don't get to go to school. Not going to school effects their whole life. They won't know how to read or write, and they won't have an education. When they get older, they won't be able to get a job because they don't have any education. Getting a job is very important so you can get money to buy food and live in a house. I feel bad for the people who can't go to school everyday. I am so lucky for what I have.

  13. karlee
    I agree with al of these comments we are all spoiled espesally me! i have a family that loves me and i am very lucky to have diabetic suplies, go to school, get school supplies.Espesilly what really stand out to me is not getting kiddnaped, killed and have a home.I couldnt even imagine living on the streets in this such cold season. I think that we are all very blessed to have all of these privlges in life and we need to help other people to get theese things that we have. Some people dont even have food or drink,we all are verry spoiled to have all of these privlages. We need to help out the people in the world.

  14. Justin
    I think that it wus inspiring. It made me feel good inside. I agree with everyone. I feel strongly about being free and not mistreated. I think that everyone should be able to feel freedom and to be treated fairly. As it is said: DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE TO YOU. I may not be able to go to other countries, but I can help people here, by treating others fairly.

  15. I think a big issue is gas prices, my mom said that when she got married gas was $1 a gallon at the most. The gas prices are skyrocketing. in fact prices in general are a issue they are getting too expensive like remember in class we talked about the gravity light for the people without electricity.That alone is saving money right there. The people without electricity are paying half as much as us on electricity for gasses to burn as there light. Everyone is changed & I believe hat if we put our mind to it we can change the world.-Anthony

  16. Jack
    I think that way too. I'm so thankful that we live in America and we can think, do, or believe what we want. I don't think it's fair that some people around the world have to be bossed around by someone they don't know. We have so much more than most children in the world. I can't change everything, but my choices can affect my surroundings.

  17. Amelia:
    I agree with all of these other responses. I feel lucky to have a family that loves me and to have fresh water. Some kids don't get fresh water or a family. I think we could stop and think about the others by treating others fairly.

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