January 11, 2013

I loved wrapping up our short reading/writing units today on semicolons, colons, dashes, hyphens, and commas.  The students have realized that authors choose their punctuation on purpose, and that it adds interest and variety to their writing.  They have all committed to noticing them more in their reading, to think about why authors chose them, to read them with correct phrasing, and to use them in their own writing as appropriate.  Some sentences they noticed in their reading today include:
“He wondered, though, if he should confess to the Giver that he had given a memory away.”
“I heard her say, almost in a whisper, “oh-h-h-h, it’s a red fern–a sacred red fern.”
“And as Angeline jumped back, she went over–all the way over and hit the ground, hard.”
“If, instead of trying to intimidate your young brother, you would emulate him and use that mind of yours, perhaps you’d find things much easier.”

I also loved the beginning of this IB unit, and I look forward to seeing where the students take it next week!  Be sure to check out pictures from our American Revolution below!  I included pictures of their thoughts afterwards on which IB key concepts they think will be involved in this unit–they had fantastic ideas!
Have a terrific weekend, everyone!

1) Math.  Please redo low-scoring quizzes (this is a very short unit!) and your unit 5 test if you got it back!  Remember that the term ends Friday, Jan. 18th, and all missing work/redo’s from this term must be turned in by then!
2) Read 20 minutes (and every single day if your reading log grade is a little low to bring that up!)
3) Missing work!  The term ends Friday, January 18th, and everything must be in by then!

Items of Business: 
*Class Store: If you have any extra soda, candy, trinkets, jewelry, or toys that you would like to donate to class store, please send it with your child! We would like to do one more often to serve as a motivator for positive behavior!
*We would always welcome donations of gerbil food for our class pets!

Upcoming Events: 

*Jan. 18: End of term 2
*Jan. 21: Martin Luther King Jr. Day: No school
*Jan. 22: Boxtops due
*Jan. 25: Boxtops dress down
*Jan. 25: Report cards go home
*Jan. 25: Family movie night


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