December 3, 2012

I feel like I was just exclaiming about how it was already November!  How the time flies when every day is packed with learning!

Students, please remember that if you do the following homonyms game (click here), and get a parent signature saying that you did it for at least 5 minutes, you will get a $20 bonus tomorrow!  I also have a figurative language game (it goes over simile, metaphor, personification–making non-human things seem human, and hyperbole–an exaggeration) that if you also play and get a signature for at least 15 minutes, you’d get another $50 bonus on top of the $20 for homonyms!

Additionally, as I’m certain all you parents know, 5 very unexpected and very exciting additions to our class joined us on Friday:  our gerbils had babies!  Once the babies are weaned from their mother, we will be giving 4 of the babies and the father away to the first 5 students that have permission slips signed from parents and turned in!  The babies will probably be ready to go after Christmas break.  

Finally, we are going to be doing another class store soon!  If you have any small items that you can donate for students to purchase with class money, please send them in as soon as possible.  Thank you so much!

1) Math (5-7): p. 117 all, p. 118 evens.  Redo the unit 4 test and other low scoring quizzes!
2) Read 20 minutes and get it signed–remember that every day read must be signed!! 

3) Spelling due Wednesday
4) Bring class store donations if you can!

Items of Business

*Class Store: If you have any extra soda, candy, trinkets, jewelry, or toys that you would like to donate to class store, please send it with your child!  We would like to do one more often to serve as a motivator for positive behavior!

Upcoming Events:

*Dec. 4-5: Christmas Concerts at 6 pm each night at the Jr. High.  Students with last names starting with A-L will perform on the 4th and M-Z on the 5th.
*Thur., Dec. 6 (5-9 pm): Holiday boutique at the elementary school gym!
*Dec. 3-19: Kindergarten donation drive for children in Uganda!  Send in old books, shoes, and clothing to the front office.
*Dec. 18: Boxtops due
*Dec. 21: Boxtop dress down day.
*Dec. 21: 12:30 early release!  Bring a snack–lunch will not be served!
*December 21: Bring any knitted “Cast cozies” to the front office by this date.
*Dec. 24-Jan. 4: Christmas break!
*Jan. 18: End of term 2
Cherrybam Life Quotes

Mr. Sivertson launched a rocket for us today!!  A sweet chemical reaction!

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