October 29, 2012

Congratulations on earning our class pet, everyone!  The students voted to name our 2 little gerbils Lizzie and Cole (see photo below, courtesy of Lindsey!)
P.S.  Please remember that we have online book ordering set up–and you can earn free books for our class just by ordering online instead of with paper!  Please click on the Online Scholastic Ordering page under Reading Resources tab above, or click the button on the right sidebar.  Thank you so much!

1) Math (3-17): p. 79 all, p. 80 odds.  Please redo low-scoring quizzes.  It’s a fresh term, so be sure to do your very best!
2) Read 20 minutes and get it signed–remember that every day read must be signed!! 
3) Spelling: due Wednesday

Items of Business
*Class Store: If you have any extra soda, candy, trinkets, jewelry, or toys that you would like to donate to class store, please send it with your child!  We would like to do one more often to serve as a motivator for positive behavior!
*Class picture orders: The office asked us to let you know you can still order from LifeTouch online, and that they will also accept late paper orders until tomorrow.  If you missed it yesterday, a make-up photo day will be on November 15th.  
*Automatic Lunch Payment Program:  to pay by credit/debit, go to providencehall.com & select the payment link to make recurring or one-time payments!  e-checks are available for a $0.49 fee, and credit cards have a 3% fee plus $0.50.
*P.E. shoes: Our PE teachers have asked us to remind students that if they are not wearing PE appropriate shoes on their PE days (Mon/Wed for us), they will sit out on some activities!  Please, no sandals or slick-bottomed boots like Uggs!

Upcoming Events:
*Wednesday, October 31: Halloween Parade at 9 am (from the elementary, to the Jr. High).  Halloween class party later in the afternoon!  🙂  Click here for the donation/volunteer sign-up for the party, organized by our Room Parent!
*November 5-8: Parent Teacher Conferences!  Click here to sign up!
*November 9: No school for the elementary school only!
*November 15-17 (7:30):  Seussical Musical at the Jr. High.  Tickets are $5 for students & $8 for adults and can be purchased 2 weeks prior to the performance.


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