October 15, 2012

Today, we started a new IB unit, How We Organize Ourselves, and the students recognized that not only is order necessary, but that it is found everywhere!  It was a great start!  
P.S. I added several items to “Upcoming Events,” so be sure to check them out!
1) Math (3-9): p. 63 all, p. 64 evens.  Please redo low-scoring quizzes.
2) Read 20 minutes and get it signed–remember that every day read must be signed!! 
3) No spelling this week!

Items of Business:
*Hoppy Taws: a few PE Hoppy Taws are still on sale in the morning before school for $1.50 (exact change only!)
*Lunch Money: If you bring lunch money and put it in the box at the office, make sure it is labeled with your name, teacher, and grade in an envelope/bag!!
*Automatic Lunch Payment Program:  to pay by credit/debit, go to providencehall.com & select the payment link to make recurring or one-time payments!  e-checks are available for a $0.49 fee, and credit cards have a 3% fee plus $0.50.
*P.E. shoes: Our PE teachers have asked us to remind students that if they are not wearing PE appropriate shoes on their PE days (Mon/Wed for us), they will sit out on some activities!  Please, no sandals or slick-bottomed boots like Uggs!

Upcoming Events:
*Wed., Oct. 17: Scarecrow Scramble 11-11:30 (we will all walk/run a mile!). 
Feel free to come run it with your child!  🙂  Also, contact our secretary, Crystal Riddick, if you want to volunteer to dress as a scarecrow/cheer on the kids as they run around the course! 
**Thur./Fri., Oct. 18 & 19: Fall break!  No school.
*Oct. 22-26: Red Ribbon Week!  See details below:
Monday: Give Hugs Not Drugs (bring a stuffed animal to school)
Tuesday: Rockin’ Out to the 80’s–Don’t let Drugs Twist your Mind (80’s apparel)
Wednesday: Your Future is Bright without Drugs (dress up for specific career) 
Thursday: Shade out Drugs (sunglasses/bright clothes)
Friday: Team up against Drugs (wear your favorite team shirt)
*Tuesday, October 23: Boxtops due
*Friday, October 26: Boxtop dress down day
*Friday, Oct. 26: End of 1st quarter!  Your pizza books goals must be reached to earn the pizza party!
*Wednesday, October 31: Halloween Parade at 9 am (from the elementary, to the Jr. High).  Halloween class party later in the afternoon!  🙂  Click here for the donation/volunteer sign-up for the party, organized by our Room Parent!
*November 5-8: Parent Teacher Conferences!  Click here to sign up!
November 9: No school for the elementary school only!
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

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