September 6, 2012

Thanks for checking the blog! 🙂


*Math (1-3): p. 17 all, p. 18 evens

*Read 20 minutes and get it signed
*MISSING WORK: If you did not get a missing work report today, it means you have no missing work!!  🙂  If you did get a missing work report, it means you need to:
1) get it signed tonight to return tomorrow
2) complete the missing work listed and turn it in tomorrow morning!  Students with all missing work turned in earn “Friday Fun” tomorrow afternoon!

Upcoming Events:

*Sep. 4-7: Green Ribbon Week:

Friday: Walk to school Day, and Wear a Green shirt day!

*Sat. Sep. 8: 2012 Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Click here for Crystal Riddick’s page (our secretary), and click here for information on the walk.  They are very close to their goal of $1,000!
*Thurs., Sep. 13: CRT Celebration Beach Party!  (Since we met our CRT goal last year, this is our celebration!)

*Sep. 25: Boxtops due

*Sep. 28: Boxtop Dress-down day
Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
– John Wooden


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