September 4, 2012

3 Things to remember: 

1) This week is Green Ribbon Week for pedestrian safety (see events below for details).  

2) The library blog has just been added to the “Book Recommendations” link on the right-hand side.  Our librarian adds items like student recommendations, etc. so be sure to check it out!
3) Also, way to go everyone for getting reading logs signed!  Remember to get them signed EVERY day!  Below is a breakdown of how reading log signatures work:
*5 days of signed reading = 5/5 points in SIS + 1 Ken Garff ticket (to win a bike, iPod shuffle, or scooter)
*7 days of signed reading = 7/5 points on SIS + 2 Ken Garff tickets
*less than 5 signed days: i.e. 3/5 days signed of reading = 3/5 points in SIS & 0 Ken Garff tickets
*NO days signed = lunch detention each day until the planner is signed.

1) Math (1-1): p. 13 all, p. 14 odds
2) Read for 20 minutes, and remember to get it signed!!
3) Spelling homework due TOMORROW!  Since everyone has the same words this week as a practice round, and since this is your first week, I am posting your words below!!  On a full sheet of paper, you need to write the words sorted into their correct categories! (for absent kids, we discussed how the categories are sh–, wh–, th–, ch–
Words: ship     chat     when     this     whip     shed     than     chip     chin     what     that     them     wham     then     thin     chill     check     which     shell     shack     shall     chick     chap     thick

Upcoming Events:
*Sep. 4-7: Green Ribbon Week:
Tuesday: Green Ribbon pledge (parents, look at the parent side of your student’s pledge to sign!)
Wednesday: Green Sock day 
Thursday: Volunteers hand out candy in front of school and crosswalks after school 
Friday: Walk to school Day, and Wear a Green shirt day!

*Sat. Sep. 8: 2012 Walk Now for Autism Speaks.  Click here for Crystal Riddick’s page (our secretary), and click here for information on the walk.

*Sep. 25: Boxtops due
*Sep. 28: Boxtop Dress-down day

It takes nothing to join the crowd.  It takes everything to stand alone.
~Hans F. Hansen

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