August 30, 2012

Thanks for another wonderful day, everyone!  Get ready for Meet the Masters next week, everyone!  (our art program in which the kids work with our art teacher on a unit every 6 weeks).  The vocabulary words you’ll be working with will be:


Below are 3 items of business for your information (carried over from yesterday; I will keep these up for a few days to make sure everyone sees them!)
*Each month, students bring home a Boxtop collection sheet to attach 12 Boxtop coupons (please don’t staple; you can also just put them in a ziplock baggy with child’s name/grade).  
*There is a due date toward the end of the month (typically the last Tuesday), and if they’re turned in, students get a DRESS DOWN day on the following Friday!  This means t-shirts, jeans (no holes, dresses, skirts, shorts (knee length), but NO tank tops or flip flops.
Additional boxtops will be credited toward future dress-down days, but they can’t carry over to the 2013-2014 year.
Class Pizza Reading Program:
*There are 9 genres in our program, and students must read 1 book from each of the genres EACH QUARTER (you can’t count 1 book for 2 genres):
1) Free Choice
2) Adventure
3) Biography/Autobiography
4) Poetry
5) Historical Fiction
6) Realistic Fiction
7) Informational Text/Non-fiction
8) Fantasy/Science Fiction
9) Mystery
*At least 2 of the 9 books read per quarter must be chapter books (books they have never read before and that are on their level)
*After they’ve read a book, they should bring it to school to do a book talk (which is just a short explanation–we will discuss more in class), and then they get a TOPPING on their paper pizza crust in class!  There is a different topping for each genre
*If students have read from all 9 genres by the end of the quarter, they will get to participate in a PIZZA PARTY!!
*SIS is now up and running!  Please remember to check it regularly for missing work–students will get missing work reports on Thursdays, and those with NO missing work get to enjoy Friday Fun (extra free time!)
*Math homework is entered as a participation grade.
*Math quizzes are entered in the “Homework Quizzes” grade.

1) Math (FP-2): p. 3 all, p. 4 evens
2) Read for 20 minutes, and remember to get it signed!

Upcoming Events:
*Monday, September 3: Labor Day, no school!
*Sat. Sep. 8: 2012 Walk Now for Autism Speaks.  Click here for Crystal Riddick’s page (our secretary), and click here for information on the walk.
*Sep. 25: Boxtops due
*Sep. 28: Boxtop Dress-down day

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things we have done.”
–Steve Jobs

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