August 22, 2012

Congratulations for making it through the first day of school, everyone!!  I was SO impressed at how quickly everyone understood and practiced our school/classroom expectations, and I am very excited for this new year!  What an amazing class!  Remember, I will post homework and events here on this blog every day, so be sure to use this resource on a regular basis!
1) Paperwork:  We need all paperwork from those Providence Hall folders (they were on desks at back to school night, and those who missed it took them home today)
2) Brown Paper Bag Assignment:  Bring 3-5 items in your brown paper bag to tell about yourself tomorrow!
3) Job Application:  job applications were handed out today for our class economy!  They are due on Friday.  Be sure to make your very best effort on them!
4) Binders and other supplies:  Thank you all for bringing all those supplies today!  A few people forgot to bring their binders to school today–please bring those tomorrow as we will set them up with tabs in class tomorrow.  (they can be 1.5-2 inches)
Upcoming Events:
*Monday, September 3: Labor Day, no school!
If you believe your best days are ahead of you, they are. 
–Jurine Lewis

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